What we offer


We have a wide range of pottery ready and waiting to be painted. In order to keep every visit new and exciting we try to change our stock regularly. We have both ornamental and practical items so finding something you'd love to paint shouldn't be too difficult. 

Glass fusing

We are one of the only places in the South Hills to offer glass fusing. You can choose the shape and size of a base piece of glass and then get creative with designing it. You can then choose to have the piece shaped into a bowl, plate, platter and more. We have many colors to choose from and lots of samples to help you get inspired.​

    Begin           Design             Fuse              Shape        

Painting techniques

​Our painting techniques can easily be applied to a number of different pieces. Simply pick the pottery you wish to paint then pick your technique and colors to make something completely individual.
These techniques are no additional cost! So why not try something new.